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Precision Cutting

● High level of precision mold processing, cutting oil required, PG, JG high- precision machining equipment (+/-0.001mm).

● Product Key Cutting Punching tight dimensional tolerances required size control of +/-0.008mm.

● In order to ensure production efficiency, spare parts or materials are used in Japan, Germany, the United States produced tungsten steel to ensure parts of life and reduced maintenance.

Material C5210
Material Thickness 0.1mm(.004″)
Type Male
Picth 1.0mm
Stamping Speed 800SPM
Dimension Tolerence +/-0.008mm
Faltness +/-0.02mm
Ture Position Tolerence +/-0.02mm
Verticality +/-0.02mm
Straightness +/-0.02mm


Mobile phones, laptops, ipad and other consumer electronics soft cable connector terminals.

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