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The new energy vehicle low-voltage crimp terminal is an accessory used for electrical connections. It connects wires of different colors and functions, allowing electric energy to flow reasonably between electrical appliances. Low-voltage wire terminals of EV car can be used in various new energy vehicles. Their main functions include connection, distribution, protection, control, etc.

Heju Stamping is an professional precision stamping company of manufacturing types of automotive low-power electrical wire terminals with IATF16949 certificated. Like male/female crimp terminals, crimp terminal pins, pin and socket crimp contacts, connector terminals, non-standard stamping terminals, etc. 

Those crimp contacts are widely used in automotive wiring harnesses, like car main wire harness, door wire harness, floor wire harness, roof wire harness, controx box wire harness, ATM FPC wire harness, instrument wire harness, IP junction box, engine compartment junction box, etc.

Lastest Male/Famale Crimp Contacts Cases

In 2021, the company began to replace the standard terminals of low-power signals in China. The main application of new energy vehicle intelligent cockpit signal connection. 0.64, 0.5 and so on have been mass-produced.

Application of Automotive Crimp Terminals

 Low-voltage Composite Crimp Terminals

Electrical Wire Terminals

Pin and Socket Crimp Terminals

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