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Heju stamping is a high speed progressive precision metal stamping solution provider, focus on high precision & complex stamping part mass production. And provide innovative solutions for your complex products based on their mature manufacturer process & advanced industry technology.

Heju products widely used in connectors, sensors, relays, automotive wiring harnesses, medical device parts, communication equipment’s electronic components, smart home accessories, clip sealing & testing consumable parts……


Presses from 30 up to 160 tons


SPM Maximum Running Speed


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Heju Stamping Capabilities

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Stamping Capabilities


Micro & Miniature Stamping Solution

We will select the best metal stamping solution according to your part capacity, budget and schedule. For expert advice, please contact our engineering teams for answers.

Anually Demand Exceed 100K

progressive tool stamping

Application Scenarios: mass production projects.
Method: progressive tooling.
Advatagement: high production efficiency, good consistency & low cost.

Anually Demand 5K to 100K

simple dies

Application Scenarios: Trail order to test market, Specific product needs.
Method: Stage tooling.
Advatagement: save tooling cost & development time.

Anually Demand 5K max.

metal prototype

Application Scenarios: product development —- designing/function analysis.
Method: blanking & forming fixture.
Advatagement: save time & development cost.

Why Choose Us

Product Experience

Over 20-year-experienced tooling team, keep breaking stamping technical difficulties

Good Consistent

Make sure finished part satisfy all the requirements for the prototypes.


Alternative stamping craft solution, to reduce customer production cost. Eg. Etching

Quality Control

With complete quality traceability system and strictly quality inspection system, Heju can provide high quality & high efficiency product & service for customer.

Short Leadtime

Prototype in 12 days, FOT sample in 20 days for production tooling, mass production: 15-20 days (from raw material purchase to shipment)


Tooling cost fully refund when reaching contract quantity; cooperate with customer to adjust component design, meet functional requirements and also reduce production cost.

Supply Chain

Build long-term relationship with domestic & oversea raw material suppliers, plating supplier and related fabrication partners.

High Stability

Imported tooling fabrication equipment, regularly tooling maintenance, spare part control

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No matter your project is complicated or simple, our metal stamping experts will provide a solution, you will get an accurate quotation within 12 hours.