What is Deep Drawn Stamping?

Deep drawn stamping is a machining process that process a flat blanking strip with a certain shape obtained after punching into various open hollow parts or reduces the diameter of the open hollow parts and increases the height. The deep-drawing process can be used to manufacture cylindrical, stepped, tapered, spherical, box-shaped and other irregularly shaped thin-walled parts. Cooperating with other stamping and forming processes such as flanging, bulging, flaring, and necking, and can also produce extremely complex parts. Therefore, the deep drawing process occupies a very important position in the production process like automotive, aviation, medical, electrical, instrument, and electronic industries.

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Our Deep Drawing Capability

Heju stamping focus on customized small deep drawing parts & precision stamping service, products mainly used in the automotive, medical, tele communications, consumer electronics and other industries. We have 36 sets of high-speed press machine ranging from 30-160T, which can fully meet the short-term/long-term, large-volume, and complex product requirements. We have IATF16949&ISO9001 certificate, can provide you comprehensive support from product design to mass production. Strictly control dimensional tolerances, ensure product consistency, and meet your needs.

Deep Drawn Metal Stamping Material:

Deep Draw Manufacturing Benefit

To compared to the methods which made metal and alloys into definite shapes, deep drawing process with more cost-effectiveness in raw material and equipment. In addition, deep drawing craft can make the best metal products, such as parts for automobile mufflers, fine parts for large machines, and smaller parts for metal structures

Advantage of Heju stamping: Precision & Micro Deep Drawn Stamping Manufacturer over 30 years’ Experience.

We are a well-known precision stamping manufacturer in China, with business all over the world, cooperated with dyson, amphenol fci, titan etc. For more information, please click partners. Heju R&D team with more than 50 people, now is actively applying for patents every year, get more than 10 patents already. Thank for customers’ trust. For more information about the deep drawing and stamping process, please contact us, or request quotation for high-quality deep-drawing metal stamping services immediately.

Deep Drawing Stamping Part Attention:

Difference between deep drawing tooling and stamping tooling

Generally speaking, deep drawing tooling belongs to metal stamping die. Stamping die include blanking die, bending die, forming die and deep drawing die. The biggest difference between deep drawing die and forming die is raw material deformation method. Bending die deformation caused by the single stress of bending action, but deep drawing tooling probably by three-way stress. Small drawing part maybe formed by one or two times deep drawing process. So can make a composed tooling which with blanking, deep drawn and form with blanking die.

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Deep Drawing Application

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