Precision Metal
Stamping Manufacturer

Senior design and manufacture team

Full range of precision stamping process solution

ISO9001/ IATF16949 management system

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Safe and Stable
Auto Stamping Parts

No cracks on the surface

Good conductivity, plug resistance


30 Years Precision
Stamping Die Designing
& Fabrication Experience

Tooling design within 7 days

First sample provided within 25 days

Easily operating & maintenances

Tooling spare parts can be guaranteed

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Focus on the manufacture of complex & small metal prototype parts

Rapid Prototyping Stamping Solutions


Heju have 23sets punch press from 30 to 110 tons, blanking capacity from 0.04mm to 3.2mm material thickness with +/-0.007mm dimension tolerance. Parts contains terminals, shells and small metal parts etc.
Heju stamping design & building progressive die in house according to customer specific requirements. The mold stamping speed can reached 1500SPM, and tooling life time can be 300M .

About Heju

Heju Precision Electronic Co.,Ltd. established on 19th Jan. 2008. We are an OEM/ODM professional manufacturer focus on high-speed precision stamping. Specialized on precision stamping parts production like terminals, shield, super-precision metal contact ect. And also do designing and frabrication for high speed precision progressive die. Products widly used on comsumer elctronic industry, such as automobile, medical, computer, cellphone, intelligent appliance and clothing.

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“ Industries is certified IATF16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001 to ensure the quality of all its products and services “

Not sure your products requirements? Directly send us all the information you know(CAD/3D drawing/Solid picture), the engineer team will provide the best solutions. Contact us now!

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