Dedicated to Define China Micro Precision Electronic Stamping Industry Technology Standard

Precision Bending

Angle: +/-0.05°


Blanking Dimension Tolerance: +/-0.003mm
Min. hole size: Ф0.10mm

Micro Deep Drawing

Min. Material Thickness: 0.07mm
Min. Diameter: 2.0mm

One-stop Solution Provider for Precision Electronic Stamping Components

The most suitable precision electronic stamping manufacturing services to support your mirco metal parts in different period requirements.

Micro Stamping

36sets of punch press tonnage from 30-160T. Blanking capacity: 0.04mm to 4.0mm; Blanking tolerance: +/-0.003mm; Components: terminals, shells, micro metal parts etc.

Progressive Die

Customized in-house progressive die design & manufacturing. The tooling stamping speed can reach 1500SPM max, and tooling life time reach to 300M shots.

metal prototype

Prototyping Stamping

Focus on complex & small rapid prototype parts. Prototype Range: shielding case, metal spring, connector contact. Delivery time: 3-10 days once confirmed.

small hole parts

Stamping Alternative

Alternative stamping craft for cold heading, etching, die casting, fine blanking, machining and other processes. Improve production efficiency, component cost down.

Latest Cases We Finished

Precision electronic stamping services for all industries, including metal stamping, tooling manufacturing, rapid prototyping, tooling parts, etc., with a complete solution package.

Welcome To Heju Stamping

We Are the Leading Precision Electronic Stamping Factory In the World

Heju Stamping is a leading precision stamping solutions provider for electronic stamping parts in China. We specialize in the manufacture of micro-miniature precision metal stamping parts for electronic components. From prototype to rapid mold opening and mass production, you will get the best solution. Especially in the manufacture of difficult and high-precision electronic stamping parts, we have rich experience and engineer R&D team. Has been recognized as the best manufacturer of electronic precision components supply in China.

Common Questions

Please feel free to contact us If you have any questions, we will answer you as quickly as possible. 

For first time tooling development, FAI sample can be finished in 30 days once received deposit.
Sample approved, then move to mass production, with raw material, delivery can be released in 15 days.

Yes, we can meet the speed. Tooling speed related to component structure. We need to take strip thickness, bending stations into consideration, and provide a suitable speed to meet stable production.

Yes, we can provide 3D parts/tooling design as the same.

1. Production per stamping SOP. Each tooling with it’s own SOP
2. Measurement per Inspection SOP, sampling time, inspection method… follow SOP
3. Packing follow packing SOP
4. OQC follow OQC SOP
Each process tracked with reports from raw material to finished component. And parts can be tracked by lot. no.

1. Heju has 36 sets of high speed press, currently production capability is 60%, it’s enough to run our project.
2. Checked drawing demands, our tooling capability is enough to do the job.
3. Process control can cover project demands.

1. Raw material purchased from brand supplier, and quality can be guaranteed
2. Surface treatment proceed with qualified supplier
3. Supplier control based on Heju supplier management procedure
4. Production strictly according to internal SOP

1. When PO received. PMC will feedback delivery time & follow up
2. Checking tooling condition, make sure tooling is in prodution condition
3. Purchase raw material, accessories per project BOM
4. Production & Quality control strictly follow SOP
5. Project team work, KPI control

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