Electric Vehicle Busbars-Power Distribution Units

The EV busbar is a part of conducting electrical current through the major electrical pathways of an EV’s various systems and sub-systems.

Bus bars are flat conductors, it is becoming part of the architecture of new energy electric vehicles. EV Busbars are usually made of copper, brass, or aluminum that are used for grounding and conducting electricity. It can assist thermal management along with power distribution in the EV cars. 

Nowadays, There are as many as dozens of bus bars in a battery pack. With the increasing demand for new energy battery packs, the number of busbar applications will also further increase.

Lastest EV Battery Busbar Samples

New energy vehicle battery copper busbars have high mechanical properties, good electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, beautiful metallic luster during electroplating and brazing, and good forming and processing properties.

Why us for your Automotive Power Distribution Unit Busbars Project?

Heju Stamping is a professional OEM stamping manufacturer of produing busbars in electric  vehicle industry. With 30yrs experienced engineer teams, we can provide expert, hands-on advice regarding manufacturing. We can assist customer to select the proper material, dimensions, tolerances, and optimal performance with the best cost solutions.

Equipped with in-house tooling rooms, Heju Stamping can design and build progressive stamping dies to produce customized electric vehicle busbars solutions that enable tight tolerance specifications for busbar performance and automatic assembly needs. performance with the best cost solutions.

Advantages of Using Busbars for Electric Vehicles: