Custom Electric Vehicles Prismatic Lithium Battery Safety Vents

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We can custom electric vehicle prismatc battery safety vents in different designs, sizes, shapes, and set pressures.

Customized Prismatic Battery Safety Vents Samples

Fully Cooperate with New Models' Design and Manufacturing of EV Battery Ventings


Heju Precision entered the field of new energy power battery packs in 2016. Focus on the developing and producing of EV lithium-ion battery ventings, sealed aluminum nails, battery top cover plates, and other small metal parts.

The factory has passed three major certifications: ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949.  The Punch press machines we used for the massive production of lithium battery safety vents are mainly imported from Japan and Switzerland, such as YAMADA, Jingli, KYORI, BRUDERER, and other brands.

Why Choose Us for Your Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Safety Vents Project?

Stable Bursting Value

The tolerance of single blasting value within 0.03MPa, and the CPK value is above 4.0

Most Advanced Imported Film Thickness Tester

Can magnify 1000 times to monitor blasting marks accurately

Perfect Smooth Surface

Good color consistency on the surface

High Scoring Accuracy

The residual thickness of the score is less than 0.005mm

Good Materials

Imported Raw Materials

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