Flat Metal Spring Clips for Safety IV Catheter

A medical company consults with Heju stamping through network, want to customize a flat metal spring clip to solve a newly developed industrial needle safety device for Safety IV Cathter.

The world-leading biopharmaceutical company who want to improve infusion pitching methods, developing a new venous indwelling needle device, as their suppliers cannot solve the problem of spring clip technology, then seeking help from Heju stamping.

The flat metal clips is part of the safety intravenous catheter, customer worried when the puncture needle is retracting, the stab needle within the protective device cannot be retracted in time, which will injured medical staff, aim to avoide blood source Issues such as infection. In addition, customers also want us to provide an overall technology solution to the safety device to ensure mass production feasibility.


Challenge #1: Can Heju’s Production Feasibility Can Meet the Complexed Structure of Flat Metal Clips?

Heju Stamping is the most leading precision small flat springs manufacturer in China, which has rich practical experience in solving complex type of flat metal clips, below is our flat metal spring clips technical features:

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Challenge #2: How to Ensure the Consistency of Flat Metal Spring Clips?

Use Japanese stainless  steel material, which is stable and suitable for stamping production. When the needle inserted into the device, “C&D” size changed accordingly. Heju well controlled those two dimensions, to make needle retract into spring clips smoothly.

Challenge #3: How to Ensure Safety Health for Medical Product Production Needs?

Stamping process strictly in accordance with ISO13485 requirements, standardization operations. From collecting, production, quality control to packaging, wear disposable disinfection gloves throughout the process, ensuring that the needle metal sping clip is safe and pollution-free. Products packed by plastic plate, enroll with sulfur paper tape to protect spring clip’s surface, ensuring no safety hazard.


Successfully solved when pulled out puncture needle the anti-punching needle in the protective device can retract into the flat spring clips in time. Moreover, Heju provide entire stamping solution per our technical experience to help customer choose suitable product design to improve their production efficiency. More versions now under mass production.

Heju Stamping is a precision metal stamping solution provider who focus on complex and small flat metal clips, companies goal is to help customers improve marketing competitiveness. To learn more about this project and other stamping items, please contact Heju stamping now!

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