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Insert Molding

● High level of precision mold processing, cutting oil required, PG, JG high-precision machining equipment(+/-0.001mm).

● By bold innovation terminal stacture, changed old HDMI connector processing manufacturing process (before insert, now insert molding) improved connector quality (such as the flatness and ture position tolerence of SMT).

● Research and developed with customer, share the patent.

Material C2680
Material Thickness 0.2mm
Type Female
Plating Gold
Plating Thickness 10u”
Picth 0.5mm
Stamping Speed 300SPM
Dimension Tolerence +/-0.01mm
Faltness +/-0.02mm
Ture Position Tolerence +/-0.05mm
Verticality +/-0.05mm
Straightness +/-0.02mm



Video HDMI data interfacing terminals.

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