Customized Lead Frames in Semiconductor Industry

Lead frames are utilised in the semiconductor device assembly process and is essentially a thin layer of metal that connects the wiring from tiny electrical terminals on the semiconductor surface to the large-scale circuitry on electrical devices and circuit boards.

As a chip carrier of an integrated circuit, the lead frames is a key structural component for forming an electrical circuit by electrically connecting the terminal of the chip to the outer lead by means of a bonding material (gold wire, aluminum wire, copper wire). And As for the bridge connection with external wires, the lead frame is required in most semiconductor integrated blocks, which is an important basic material in the electronic information industry.

Why Us for your Stamping Precision Stamping Project

As a professional OEM stamping manufacturer for various precision stamping parts, such as crimp wire terminals, electrical contacts, flat spring clips, deep drawn parts, press-fit terminals, We are committed to producing precision micro & miniature metal components for semiconductor manufacturing, mainly producing parts for semiconductor testing applications, including formed probes, stamped probes, test springs, packaged test socket springs, probe cards etc.