Implantable Pacemaker Deep Drawn Enclosures for Medical Industry

A medical devices manufacturer found Heju through Internet and needed to custom deep drawn parts  which are used for implantable pacemaker enclosures.

This customer is a medical technology company dedicated to heart disease, who need a type of deep drawn parts which used on implantable pacemaker enclosures. Due to the pacemaker shells extremely high development costs and unsolvable technical problems from other suppliers, the customer came to us and hoped heju could provide a solution to overcome the technology, and within the expected cost range to make the pacemaker shells for them.


The cardiac pacemaker, composed by one or more wires and the electrodes on each wire. The metal cases is made of rare metal titanium that is chemically stable and not repelled by the human body. It’s characterized is light weight and well sealed, can ensure the circuit away from corrosion, but this material has greater processing difficulty and low yield to make the pacemaker enclosure.



This pacemaker enclosure belongs to the deep draw stamping, the size is small but the depth is deep. After engineer team made many times tool trial, the pacemaker enclosure is successfully development by differential temperature method, which only need one station deep drawing and one station sizing to instead of the ordinary deep drawing, which almost requires 5-6 sets deep drawing dies to get this size and depth’s pacemaker case.


This R&D technology was shorten by deep drawing process, reduce the number of deep drawing progressive dies, and highly improved economic efficiency. Over the years, Heju team has been constantly breaking through the technical difficulties in the stamping industry. It has assisted customers to improve their competitiveness and has won the trust of a large number of well-known companies at home and abroad. In the future, we will always keep the innovate and to provide better service to every customer. To learn more about this deep drawn parts project and other precision stamping projects, please contact us today.

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