Customized Press-fit Terminals/Pins

Press-fit Technology

In the press fit technology, the elastic contact pin and the coating through hole (PTH) of the PCBs are the main components. The PTH is drilled into the layered circuit board by an electroplating process(usually copper plating), to form a circuit on the insert portion of the press-fit pin.

The main advantage is the high reliability of the connections and electrical contacts.

This press-fit pins design widely used in communication, automotive electronics and other fields.


Our Press-fit Terminals Cases

Who We are

We are a professinal OEM precision stampings manufacturer for various electronic components. Focus on providing press-fit terminals/ pins solutions for reliable, solderless, electrical connections for customers. 

By designing and manufacturing high-speed progressive die with complex geometry and dimensional accuracy requirements, we have rich experience for compliant pin press fit projects, which can assist customer to develop final model based on the tooling feasibility.

Excellent Charactristics for Press-fit Pcb Pins

Advantages for Compliant Pin Press Fit Design