Electrical Contact Rivets for Relay Switches

The Problem

Elctrical contact rivets is a stamping parts which is commonly used in metal secondary processing such as precision metal stamping. Spin riveting is generally used to connect electrical contacts and reeds. Traditional spin riveting is generally completed by manual assembly. This process not only has low production efficiency, but also has unstable spin riveting quality.


The Solution

Heju stamping adopts an in-die riveting method to realize that the reed is formed in a multi-station progressive stamping die. At the same time, it uses automatic control technology to realize the automatic feeding the conductive contacts out of the die and precise positioning of the riveting forming, which can improve Production efficiency and stable riveting quality.

In-die Riveting process:

Terminal production → contact feeding → riveting → terminal forming

Due to the large production volume of this product, to improve production efficiency, stable quality and reduce production costs. We developed a new process:

Progressive die production for first stamping strip→ strip cleaning → strip riveting contacts and forming.

Technical Requirements for In-die Riveting:

To achieve good in-die riveting, the machining accuracy of mold parts is extremely high, need to be fabricated by oil cutting, PG, JG and other high-precision processing equipment; at the same time, the vibration plate and the tooling are required for automatic riveting; and the gap and segment difference between the silver rivet contacts and shrapnel are very high.

The Electrical Contact Rivets Specifications:

Plating SpecificationsCleaning oil
Stamping Speed300SPM
Dimensional Tolerance+/-0.02
Product ApplicationSwitch, relay, thermostats, contactors, isolating switches, controllers, timers and other low-voltage equipment
Delivery/Turnaround4 to 6 weeks


The in-die riveting craft helped customer to solved unstable production quality, while improving production efficiency, save at least 30% for customer. This kind of stamping technology has been approved & adopted by many of customers.

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