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Secondary Bending Forming for Medical Equipment

● High level of precision tooling processing, cutting oil required, PG, JG high- precision machining equipment.

● Product with two sets of dies, blanking completed in two steps.

● Product after punching the first surface, The first face punching products, in order to product efficiency , the need to strip after punching a specified area on both sides were plated ( film coated ), gold-plated and then bending forming , to prevent bending when the terminal is part abrasions, All punching and bending parts oil to be special treatment.

Material Becu
Material Thickness 0.08mm (.003″)
Type Female
Plating Plated on both sides
Plating thickness 10u”
Pitch 1.6mm
Stamping Speed 300SPM
Dimension Tolerence +/-0.01mm



Medical equipment wire harness terminals.

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