Stamping dies are necessary equipment in the stamping production process, which play a decisive role in improving product quality, extending product life, and improving production efficiency. However, because the stamping die loses its function dimension due to punch and die inserts frequent wear during the production process, it is difficult to meet production requirements. Therefore, it is critical to improve the tool resistance of the stamping die. Here are several ways to improve the wear and tear resistance of stamping dies.

stamping dies process

Improve the Design of Stamping Die

The reasonable stamping die design is the basis for improving the durability of stamping die. Therefore, when designing the stamping die, effective measures should be taken to improve the durability of the stamping die, such as small hole punching stamping die, which is often reflected in the punches for small hole punching. For this type of stamping die, the length of the small punch should be shortened as much as possible in the design, in order to enhance the strength. At the same time, need use the guide bushing to strength the small punches for protection.

In addition, there should full consideration the tool structure, punch and die inserts fixing method and guiding form, pressure center location, and die plate etc during tool design.

Especially for the blanking die, the cutting clearance of punch and die inserts will have big influence on tool wear-tear resistance during production, if the clearance is too small, it will highly influence the stamping die’s tooling life and durability.

Practice has proved that, without affecting the stamping parts’ quality, properly increase the gap between punch and die inserts can greatly improve the durability of the stamping die, sometimes even can improve several times or tens of times.

Choose Correct Stamping Tool Material

Different stamping die materials have different strength, toughness and wear resistance. Under certain conditions, using advanced materials can increase several times durability of stamping tool. Therefore, there must selected the high-quality tool material to improve the stamping die’s durability.

Reasonably Make Forging and Heat Treatment of The Stamping Tool Components

While selecting high-quality stamping die materials, reasonable forging and heat treatment are required for materials, which is one of the main ways to improve the durability of stamping dies. For example, during quenching, if the production is overheated during heating, it will not only make the tool components too brittle, but also easily cause deformation and cracking during cooling, which will reduce the tool durability. Therefore, must using reasonably heat treatment technology during tool machining.

Reasonably Arrange the Stamping Die Manufacturing Process

The tool machining precision will have big affecting on stamping die’s durability. For example, due to the uneven gap in tool assembly process, the die inserts will often be broken under the action of shearing force and affect the stamping die life time. At the same time, the bad tool surface roughness, will also reduce the durability of the stamping die. Therefore, during tool machining, must pay attention to the hole center distance, the perpendicularity of the punch to the holder plate supporting surface during assembly, the uniform clearance of stamping die, and the guide bushing and post accuracy grade. The higher tool machining and assembly precision and higher roughness of tool inserts surface, will get the higher durability of stamping die.

Choose Correct Punch Press

To improve the durability of stamping die, there should using higher precision and rigidity of punch press, and let the punch press tonnage greater than 30% of punching force. Normally, use servo type punch press can improve stamping tool life time from several time to tens times.  

Correct Use and Maintenance the Stamping Die

In order to improve the durability of stamping die, the operator must reasonably use and maintenance the stamping die, periodic maintenance the tool according planning, and avoid the stamping working with defects.