Metal Stamping Alternative Solutions

When metal parts are in mass production, parts made by cold heading, etching, die casting, fine blanking, machining and other processes can be replaced by metal stamping for production to help customers improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

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Metal Stamping Replaces Chemical Etching

stamping vs cnc

Metal Stamping Replaces CNC Machining


Metal Stamping Replaces Casting


Metal Stampings Advantages

Metal Stampings is an advanced metal processing method that has many technical and economic advantages when compared to other processing methods (cutting).

High productivity: Stamping machine one shot can get one part, and punching machine one-minute stroke ranges from dozens of times to thousands times. At the same time, products with better profile.

Simple operation: Especially suitable for mass production and automation, under the press simple stamping, we can get complex shaped parts.

High precision and stable quality: Stamped parts’ quality is mainly guaranteed by the tooling, after stamping process, parts can be directly used for assembly and interchangeability.

High material utilization rate: The utilization rate of common stamping materials can reach 70% to 85%, some as high as 95%.

Stamping is a plastic deformation, the deformation of metal hardening, can be obtained from the qualified parts which with light, good rigidity, high strength

The larger batch size, the lower product cost

Why Choose Heju to Manufacture Micro Stamped Parts?

Cost Reduction

use the best manufacturing solutions to help customers rationalize and reduce costs.

Improve Efficiency

high-quality & high-efficiency manufacturing is our consistent goal.

Guarantee the Delivery Time

With experienced micro metal stamping manufacturing team and standardized operation process to guarantee your delivery time is shortened by 30%.


Metal Stamping Alternative Solution Process Steps


Upload your 2d/3d drawings and explain your project requirements.


According to your demand information, our experts will find out whether it is the most economical to replace other processing techniques with metal stamping.


You will get a report on alternative metal stamping solutions.


Select the feasibility of the plan, and then proceed to the production link.

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