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Be closely Linked Together in both Presicion Metal stamping and Automobile Industry

In the great revolution of the diversity and short replacement cycle of automobile toolings, the precision stamping manufactures have been adapted to their own development in the new field. the diversity of toolings can provide more and more types of vehicles by the automobiles enterprises, meanwhile it demands higher stamping process technology, which makes a big difference on the revolution of automobile metal plate process technology.

Nowadays, when it comes to the revolution of stamping technology,people not only mention the large stamping process,but also the precision and ultra-min stamping parts production. which probably is 70 percentage of the all automobile stamping parts. Even though these small parts of stamping are not upgrading frequently as the same as the large parts, they are significant in the process of the diversity of toolings. which benefits the growth of production as well as the redistribution of the stamping market share.

In early decades,stamping parts manufacture is aim at production of volume and stabilization, the flexibility is not taken into consideration because of the secular product in the same production conditions.

However according to the new research, the “old-fashion”stamping technology can only be used to produce modern stamping parts which are flexible and various in particular conditions. So high and new technology stamping machines which are high performance and flexibility production are urgent demanded to deal with the modern stamping automobile parts.