February 16, 2023

Deep Drawing Stamping-Analysis of E-cigarette Cartridge and Its Advantages

In recent years, with the rapid development of e-cigarettes, e-cigarette cartridges are popular in the market. There are various flavors and concentrations of cartridges. Let me talk to you about what is an e-cigarette cartridge? What are the advantages of electronic cigarette cartridges?

What are E-cigarette Cartridges?

The cartridge is commonly referred to as the electronic cigarette mouthpiece, which is a necessary part installed on the electronic cigarette atomizer. The cartridge is composed of a liquid storage body and a mouthpiece cap. A certain amount of e-liquid is stored in the cartridge. When the electronic cigarette is working, the liquid in the cartridge is atomized into gas under the action of the atomizer, thus forming a smog like real smoke. Generally speaking, the larger e-cigarette size, the larger cartridge, the more liquid stored in the cartridge, and the more durable of the cartridge.

The Structure of the E-cigarette Cartridge

Advantages of E-cigarette Cartridge

E-cigarette cartridges are consumables. Generally speaking, when a cartridge is used up (the liquid in the cartridge is evaporated to dryness under the action of the atomizer), It should be thrown away and replaced with a new one. Just like the ink cartridge in an inkjet printer needs to be replaced with a new one after it runs out. At present, the small electronic cigarette cartridges on the market adopt the method of directly replacing cartridges, which is very simple and convenient, and perfectly solves the problems of refueling and carrying troubles for large cigarette.

Precautions for Using E-cigarette Cartridge

However, some smokers like to buy e-liquid separately and add it to the cartridge by themselves because they need to use it for a long time. Although this method is more economical and thrifty, it is unhygienic to use the same cigarette holder for a long time. If you use the same cigarette holder for a long time, it is easy to breed germs and finally enter the human body through the mouth, causing germ infection. Therefore, for your health, please try to buy pods for replacement instead of adding e-liquid yourself.

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