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Common metal contact is one of the important cautious electronic
accessories. Normally used for breakover, switching, supporting
and resonance etc.

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We are an OEM/ODM  professional manufacturer in metal contacts production, With more than 30 years stamping experience and R&D department support, we keep improving our capability to solve customer’s problems. We offer services in the manufacturing of custom metal contacts, battery contacts, spring contacts and electrical contacts.



Quality Management System

the spring clip resists insertion and extraction repeatedly, and no fracture is on the surface, and bears 96h salt fog test , work life can be 10,000~100,000 times. More details quality introduce click here


Save Your Costs

Free tooling design, tooling cost can be refund when quantity reached appoint quantity. try our best to offer professional solutions to our customers and assist in product research.


●  Product name: relay leaf spring silver contact

●  Material: k88

●  Material thickness: 0.3mm

●  Plating: clean oil

●  Picth: 10mm

●  Stamping speed: 300SPM/min

●  Dimension tolerence: +/-0.02mm

1. High level of precision tooling processing, cutting oil required, PG, JG high-precision machining equipment(+/-0.001mm)
2. Contacts material needs high insertion and extraction force and low electric resistance.
3. The clip stamping and silver contact must be revieted in the tooling at the same time, with high automaticity maxmum save the working hour.
4. High productive efficency, one hour can produce more than 30KPCS.

Relay and switch metal contact clip.

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