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Heju Stamping is a professional OEM electrical spring contacts manufacturer with over 30years stamping experiences. Focus on the manufacturing of various precision spring contact, copper/silver electrical contacts, contact rivets, smt/smd spring contact, pcb spring contact, beryllium copper contacts, leaf spring contact, etc.

Those spring contacts are widely used appliances, motors, air conditioners, smart meters and numerous kinds of other devices.

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Semiconductor Test Spring Contacts & Socket Pins

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Relay Metal Stamping Parts

Your Reliable Electrical Contacts Stamping Manufacturer

Long Lifetime - Up to 100 Million Times

The charactristic of our metal contacts has: tesistance of insertion & extration is more than 1 Million Times; Good elasticity, no deformation and breaks after loading million itmes operations; Has through 96H salt spray and 100W times anti-fatigue test.

Quality Management System

8000+ factory scale, 36 Sets 30-160T punch presses to meet the needs of mass production; Served 300+ large companies; Perfect quality management system, each products is traceable. More details quality introduce please click here.

Cost Save

Provide free stamping die design, tooling cost can be refund when quantity reached appoint quantity. We try our best to offer professional solutions for customers and assist in product research.

Own Tooling Room

We not only provide precision stamping parts but also provide customized high speed progressive stamping dies with good stable production.

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