July 23, 2020

Heju Stamping: 2020 Year (Jan-Jun) in Review

In 2008, Heju Stamping was founded. Engineers team by several 20-year-experince engineers. In this 12 years, Our press machine quantity was added from several sets to 30 sets. We only worked on connector industry in the past. Now, we have took a place on auto electronic, communication, medical, etc. Our business market extends from domestic to global market. Heju Stamping aim to be the most professional precision metal stamping solution manufacturer in the world. So we need to improve and challenge constantly.


In 2020, COVID-19 Broke Out All Over The World. It’s Full of Challenges:

  1. In January 2020, COVID-19 suddenly erupted. Workers came back to hometown for Chinese Spring Festival. In this month, we almost had no any output.
  2. Because of the outbreak, in response to national policy, all the factories and enterprises had to delay the commencement date. Everyone had to observe quarantine measures strictly, wash hands frequently, disinfect all contacts, wear a mask when we went out and a series of security measures. February 10, Heju Stamping received government approval and formally started. Workers came back to the factory, quarantined for 14 days, then started to work. All workers must check body temperature and wear a mask every day. But employee attendance rate was less than 50%.
  3. In March, the epidemic situation in China was basically stable, but it broke out in European and American countries. Therefore, it affected the global supply chain and many domestic factory orders. We also canceled the original production and delivery plan.


Break Through: How We Did?

  1. We can control the outbreak, but we can control ourselves. Every worker strictly observed epidemic prevention measures and actively cooperated with relevant policies.Therefore, up to now, there is no virus patients in Heju Stamping. Although the start-up was delayed by half a month, every one of Heju stamping try our best to start factory’s operation.
  2. With the outbreak of the virus, opportunities and challenges coexist. At this time, the demand for epidemic prevention supplies broke out. The founder, Mr. Huang Panfeng, decided to join the global fight against the epidemic and launched the N95 mask aluminum nose wire strip project. Within one week, we completed the development and mass production, then provide aluminum nose wires with good and stable quality to customers. Because a large number of aluminum nose wires order, The performance of first half year increased.

Challenges in The Future

The global epidemic situation is still severe. We should constantly overcome difficulties. Just like helping customers with metal stamping, no matter how complicated the product is, we keep an enterprising heart and constantly overcome technical difficulties. It is the belief of Heju Stamping. In the next half year, Heju Stamping will continue to adhere to the spirit of craftsmen and provide customers with high – quality, high – efficiency metal stamping services. Heju Stamping focus on precision metal stamping and constantly break through the technical difficulties in the industry. We always try our best to meet customer expectations and enhance customer competitiveness. No matter what the future may be, Heju Stamping will be better and better.