August 28, 2020

How to Maintain Metal Stamping Die

Nowadays, metal stamping parts are widely used in daily life products. The demand of stamping die from manufacturers is also increasing. Therefore, stamping die daily maintenance is very important. If we can maintain the stamping die regularly, the stamping die life time will be increased.


3 Levels of Metal Stamping Die Maintenance: level 1, level 2 and level 3

Level 1: After finishing a batch of production requirements, cleaning stamping die and descaling. Then check stamping die guide, safety device, spring, position device, locking and fixing parts.

Level 2: When the quality on <Stamping Die Output Statistics> reach the marked number, go on the maintaining. Maintenance content: maintain or change pressing and stripping parts, guide parts and positioning parts. Clean and maintain the stamping die.

Level 3: When shot times reach the stamping die life times on <Product Design Review Form>, go on maintaining level 3. Maintenance contents: maintenance contents on level 1 and level 2, grind stamping die plate, change guide pin and guide push, and reassemble stamping die.


#1 Maintenance to Prepare for Stamping Production

  1. The samples of stamping die must be approved.
  2. Stamping technicians need adjust the punch slider to a reasonable height, and smooth the upper & lower platform of the punch with whetstone.
  3. According to product strip, stamping technicians need check stamping die status, whether die clearance is reasonable, whether springs, floating blocks and floating pins are normal. Then they need add lube to guide part.
  4. If there is no product strip on stamping die, technicians need check die’s clearance and status through merging stamping die.


#2 Maintenance on Stamping Production

  1. Stamping technicians need add lube to stamping die vice guide pin.
  2. When the quality on <Stamping Output Statistics> reach the marked number, stamping technicians need maintain whole stamping die, record on <Stamping Die Maintaining Record> and <Stamping Die Output Statistics>, then store in <Stamping Die Resume>.


#3 Maintenance of Abnormal Stamping Die

  1. Stamping technicians should analyze die status according to reserved trip,<First & Last Inspection Report>,<Inspection Report>.
  2. Stamping technicians need fill all maintaining record on <Stamping die Maintaining Form>, and store it to <Stamping Die Resume>.


#4 Stamping Locked on Press Machine

Stamping die should be locked on top stop of press machine(0°).


#5 Maintenance after Stamping Manufacturing

  1. After stamping manufacturing, the stamping die should be packaged and stored on the die shelf. then technicians need record on <Stamping Die Identification>
  2. Die shelf should be dry and clean.
  3. Stamping die on die shelf should regularly be regularly spray anti-rust oil to prevent mold base from rusting.
  4. The discarded stamping dies shall be stored in a special area, and shall not be mixed with the stamping dies in production, and the storage area shall be marked as scrapped.


#6 Modify Stamping Die

  1. The samples of modified stamping die must approved by customer. Then R&D team can hand over stamping die to production department.
  2. R&D engineers and technicians need record the stamping die’s modified process and result to <Stamping Die Resume>.


Stamping Die Maintain