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How to Protect Terminals During Metal Stamping Process?

During stamping process, the terminals will be easily damage and deformation without protective measures, how can we protect it?

The first step to protect the terminals is packing by hard paper tray, the K=K paper will be not easy to fracture and deformation.

Make sure that the poly foam thickness and paper width are higher than the terminals, to prevent the pin crooked, deforming or other problems. It can be used 0.1mm or 0.2mm thickness paper based on terminal shape.

Each plate must be opened to make sure there is no climbing parts,slanting pin and other negligent packing

No terminal exceed of the peper tape when in dishful packing

For terminals type products, the paper tray should be surrounding by square poly foam, to hold the tray and prevent deformation while stack high.

The carton should be use hard paper, add protection rack at the four corners to ensure that each tray will not be squeezed or damaged during transport.