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Advantage of Progressive Die

Progressive die is the name of the die structure,basically can be interpreted as stamping parts can’t finish production from any one stamping die in one-time stamping by punching, bent or amplify mold,etc.It must use many sets die or many process to finish stamping.Design these parts of multi project or multi die in the same die,use math to account and arrange according to the order,match up with automation design make respective alone project synthetic progressive and whole die structure.

Advantage of progressive die
1. Adapt the need of large number of production
Production speed of progressive die attainability 1000/min and it higher than other working type and processing form. Bent axle punch stamping times per minute as an example,daily production can achive 30000~150000 pcs.

2. Project arrangement is easy
Appropriate decomposition these die into simple shape,arrange in different workstation respectively can avoid fragile part of die to increase life,life of it can be achieve one hundred million pcs above.

3. Economy
Progressive die processing can save material,step pitch is 0.8MIN and it can increase maximum utilization of material.At the same time,it can decrease operate management,carry,etc cost and site occupied area,so it is economy .

4. Moderate hardening of stretch processing material
Stretch processing in progressive die can increase stretch process percent to increase stretch process frequency,assuage degree material work hardening to avoid need of semi-finished products return in the processing.

5. Operation safety
Progressive die stamping is automatic punching die,there’s no need to manual operation in processing and no possiblility to harm human body.Punch can stop woking immediately to avoid punch suffer damage when the feeder malfunction or have other accident.