April 17, 2019

Metal Stamping Die Material Introduction

Metal stamping die material including steel, carbide, steel bonded carbide, zinc alloy, low melting point alloy, aluminum bronze, high polymer material etc. Most stamping die material use steel-oriented at present, common die working part material mainly included:

1. Carbon tool steel
Use for metal stamping die, carbon steel of cutting tool and measuring tool, compared with alloy tool steel, it have good machinability / low price and wide using range, so tool production uasge amount of it slightly large.

2. Low alloy tool steel
Low alloy steel use for metal stamping die included CrWMn, 9Mn2V, 7CrSiMnMoV (Code name CH-1), 6CrNiSiMnMoV (Code name GD). Low alloy tool steel add appropriate alloy element based on carbon tool steel. Decrease quenching distortion and cracking tendency and increase hardenability of steel compare with carbon tool steel.

3. High carbon and chromium steel
Frequently-used high carbon and chromium steel included Cr12, Cr12MoV, Cr12Mo1V1 (Code name D2). They have good hardenability, quenching hardness and abrasion resistance, Heat treatment deformation is small, it’s high wear-resisting and micro deformation die steel, carrying capacity only inferior to high-speed steel. But carbide segregation serious, it must repeatedly forging to reduce uneven of carbide and improve using performance.

4. High-speed steel
High-speed steel have highest hardness, abrasion resistance and compressive strength in all die steel and bearing capacity of it is very high. Die common use W18Cr4V (Code name 8-4-1) and less tungsten content W6Mo5 Cr4V2 (Code name M2) and Carbon vanadium reduction high-speed steel develop for improve the toughness 6W6Mo5 Cr4V (Code name 6W6 or Low carbon M2).