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The Advantages and Benefits of In-Die Molding

In-die tapping is that a part manufactured out of brass is created using multiple stations in the stamping process. While the stations continue to shape the part as the material moves through the stamping press, holes are tapped to provide the threading necessary for the finished piece. Combining the tapping and progressive die stamping process reduces the time to complete a finished part and decreases overall cycle time.

In-die molding

In-Die Tapping Provides the Following Advantages and Benefits:

  1. Compact design
  2. Eliminates secondary or off-line tapping operations; form and tap in the same operation.
  3. Provides misfeed protection against a no-hole condition.
  4. No limitation with open die height or press stroke.
  5. Change taps in seconds while in the press.
  6. In-die tapping produces highly precise thread holes, thereby increasing thread quality. Quality is not compromised, but instead is enhanced, and clients receive their parts faster and for less money.

The traditional tapping is that don’t use the in-die technology. Instead, dealing with the tapping screw holes with secondary process. The secondary process is off-line operation, which need manual operation and traditional tapping machine like this.

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