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Analysis of Trade Barriers in Precision Stamping Industry


Stamping die is a special equipment, designed and manufactured for a specific product. The production of metal structural parts mainly depends on the production characteristics of stamping dies.Stamping die enterprises must have strong technical research and development and innovation ability and know material properties and material processing techniques.After getting the product drawing from customers,they must design a set of stamping die design, processing and forming production plan for the current product in short time.In addition, stamping die in the design and manufacturing process, also need to use CAE forming analysis, 3D design and manufacturing, high-speed cutting, laser cutting technology and other new and high technology.These will formtechnical barrier of stamping dies production.

Empirical barrier

The vast majority of stamping die is a single production. It has the characteristics of non-recurring.In the process of mold design in automobile stamping and other fields, mould manufacturing enterprises need to put forward the optimal solution based on product structure, material selection, manufacturing process, manufacturing cost and so on. Mold manufacturing enterprises need to have rich industry experience and long-term technical accumulation to achieve the above requirements. In addition, the mold production process will appear that traditional technology can not apply new materials and new structure. It also force mold manufacturing enterprises continue to improve innovative R & D capability.

Customer barriers

As the intermediate products, stamping die and metal structural parts are the basic equipment for the production of downstream products.They determine the quality, efficiency and development capability of the downstream products.Downstream well-known enterprises will usually develop a rigorous set of standards to inspect mold suppliers ability.And It generally requires a few years for supply testing phase.The mold manufacturer will be in its global procurement chain after passing the inspection the inspection qualified. Then, they can form a long-term partnership.This strict supplier qualification and formation of stable customer relations based on long-term cooperation will be high customer barriers for new entrants mold enterprise.

The barriers of funds and scale

In the automotive, office equipment, communications equipment and other fields, the Downstream quality customer of stamping mold manufacturing enterprises are mainly large multinational companies.Transnational corporations have larger business scale. They must ensure that stamping service enterprises,as an important part of the global supply chain, must realize large-scale production to reduce purchasing cost and production cost. In addition, the stamping die manufacturing enterprises usually provide downstream customers with the production and processing of forming parts.According to the industry characteristics of die forming, the customers’ purchasing quantity of forming parts is very large. This requires stamping manufacturers to have sufficient capital strength and large-scale production capacity to meet the downstream customers’ demand for large-scale procurement of forming workpieces.

Talent barriers

Stamping service industry is a technology intensive industry, especially in the automotive and other high-end stamping field.Products are usually with complex structure, high precision, and fast iterative product line and technology. Therefore, mold manufacturing enterprises must have a large number of high-quality scientific research staff and a large number of experienced technical personnel and skilled workers, in order to meet the market demand for continuous development.