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6 Methods of Improving the Service Life of Stamping Dies

1 Improved Design of Stamping Die

Stamping die life time is based on rational design.In stamping die design, engineers should give full consideration to form of mold,fixing method and guide form of concave convex die,determination of the pressure center and rigidity of lower plate.Especially for blanking die, gap value has a great influence on the durability. The gap of stamping die must be reasonable.Too small gap will influence life time and durability of stamping die.At practice,it is proved that enlarge some gap of stamping mold can greatly improve the durability of the stamping die without affecting the quality of stamping parts.Sometimes it can be raised a few times and dozens of times.

2 The Correct Stamping Die Materials

Different stamping die materials have different strength,toughness and wear resistance.Under certain conditions,using advanced materials can improve the durability to several times.Therefore, in order to improve the durability of stamping die, it is necessary to select good materials.

3 Reasonable Forging and Heat Treatment of Stamping Mold Parts

The same material and different material requirements of forging and heat treatment, is one of the main ways to improve life time of the stamping die.When quenching, overheating during heating will not only make the workpiece too brittle,but also cause deformation and cracking in the cooling.So that,the durability will be reduced.Therefore, in the manufacture of stamping die, it is necessary to reasonably grasp heat treatment process.

4 Machining Accuracy

Processing precision of stamping die has a great influence on the durability of stamping die. Uniform assembly clearance on blanking die will lead to gnawed die and influence the life of stamping die under the action of shear stress.Coarse surface of stamping die also can reduced the stamping die life time.The high precision manufacturing and assembly, higher level of working part surface roughness,Life time of stamping die will be longer.

5 Selecting Appropriate Press

The press with higher precision and rigidity is better for increasing life time of stamping die. Pressure must be more than thirty percent TONs of press machine. Normally,the use of appropriate press can improve die life time by more than dozens of times.

6 Reasonably Use and Maintenance of Stamping Die

In order to increase life time of the stamping die, operators must reasonably use and maintenance of stamping die. Repairing frequently of stamping die can prevent stamping die of working while sick.