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Chinese Automotive Connector Technology

At present, automotive connectors account for about 15% of global connector industry.the global automotive connector connector industry accounted for about 15%.With gradually improving demand for safety, environmental protection, comfort and intelligence, the application of automotive electronic products is increasing day by day.The number of automotive connector applications will continue to grow. The average connector cost per car in China now is only a few hundred dollars. The foreign car is $125 to $150,Under the influence of industry, technology, cost and other factors, China’s automotive connector market still has great potential for development. China is expected to become an important production base for future global automotive connectors.

Connector Intelligent Technology

The technology is mainly used in the DC series of power connector products, the transmission power can be done prior intelligent signal detection, to ensure that the plug in place after the conduction pole and start power, can avoid injury caused by arc plug when not in place that the conduction contact, the adverse consequences of burning machine, similar to the smart future companies need to develop other products of technology.

Precision Connector Technology

1. Precision connectors include product design, process technology and quality control technology and many other aspects. The main technologies include the following aspects:
Precision stamping die fabrication technology:The precision stamping molds are based on CAD, CAM and other technologies, high-precision machining equipment,staff experience and advanced equipment technology.

2. Precision stamping and precision injection molding technology:It can ensure stamping parts and injection molding’ precision, efficient, stable, and perfect surface quality. So that, it can ensure automobile connector quality.

3. Automatic assembly technology: Through the application of precise control technology and semi-automatic inspection machine technology, It can overcome difficult problem of precision products manual operation and improve the core competitiveness.

Manufacturing Technology

The competitive power of the product depends to a certain extent on the manufacturing process. Continuous development of new manufacturing processes and improvement of existing production processes can greatly enhance the efficiency of product manufacturing and quality assurance capabilities.

a. Precision parts manufacturing process: The process is mainly aimed at the technology of small spacing and thin thickness. Some enterprises have carried out research on the process of spacing less than 0.4mm connectors. This technology can ensure that the company achieve the advanced international level in the field of ultra precision parts manufacturing.

b. Integrated development technology of light source signal and electromechanical structure:
The technology can be used for audio connectors that incorporate electronic components.
Through adding electronic components such as IC and LED to audio connectors, the audio connector will have the function of transmitting analog signals and digital signals simultaneously. So that,the design of transmitting and transmitting the audio connector in mechanical contact mode will be broken.

c. Molding process technology in low temperature and low pressure environment: Sealing,physical and chemical properties of hot melt materials can ensure automobile connectors with insulation and temperature resistance. And the welding point shall not be pulled by external force after packing. Packaging pace of direct current connector and wire rod with insulation, temperature resistance, impact resistance and so on, can ensure the products quality. It will widely used for different automobile connectors.