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The Methods of Inspecting Precision Metal Stamping Parts

High speed precision metal stamping parts, compared with ordinary stamping parts, have higher precision, more complex shapes, better product rigidity and strength.Metal precision stamping parts can be applied to instruments, meters, office machinery, computers, electrical appliances, telecommunications equipment, switch and so on. Their requirements for metal stamping parts are higher. There are some methods of inspection for precision stamping parts:

Visual Inspection

Visual inspection is mainly used for checking abnormal appearance and macro defects of metal stamping parts, such as burr, uneven surface, etc. These can be found by visual inspection.

Touching Inspection

Touching inspection mainly depends on the experience of inspector. At first,it is to wipe the surface of stamping covers with a clean gauze. Then, inspectors wearing gloves touch stamping covers’ surface along the longitudinal stamping parts. If necessary, The suspicious region can be checked through grinding with whetstone. Touching inspection is a fast and effective inspection method.

Oil Test

At first, wipe the surface of stamping covers with a clean gauze.Then, oil to entire outer surface of stamping covers. At last, test oiled stamping covers on the glare. It is easy to find tiny pits, dent and corrugated on stamping parts of oil test.

Whetstone Grinding

At first, wipe the surface of stamping covers with a clean gauze. Then, Polish the place with arc and resistance to reach with a relatively small stone. Direction of stone grinding is basically along the longitudinal direction. And it must be on surface of stamping covers. Some special places can also add a horizontal grinding.Grain size selection depends on the surface condition (such as roughness, galvanized, etc.).Fine-grained whetstone is better.

Inspect with Detection Equipment

Take stamping parts into detection equipment.Inspect precision stamping parts according to detection equipment instructions.The following are some common instruments:

 Caliper  Tension Meter  Profile Projector
 Micrometer  Hardness Tester  Height Measuring Machine
 Gauge Block  Quadratic Element  Automatic Measuring Instrument

The above is about the precision stamping inspection method. Precision stamping is mainly used in the assembly of precision automotive, medical, electronics and other industries. Their requirements for the performance and quality of stamping products is very high.So when the product processing is completed, it is important to use the above inspection method to inspect the precision stamping parts. It can ensure each product quality and use effect.

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