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How To Deal With Mobile Phone Shield Abnormal Quality?

1. Pressure injury on mobile phone shield bending internal and external side
There are is two kinds of situations:
(1)Waste jumping on the small and big hole: Because of Long time producing the of punch and edge waste gap become too big to stuck waste, which will be brought out the punch die face and caused the mobile phone shield crush injury.
(2)Chips pressure injury:the too small or big gap between punch and edge will Produce debris scattered on die surface.When stamping material passing through leveling and feeding machine,mobile phone crush will be crushed because of the scrap iron in the machine.


2. Product small hole cutting burr and shear band break burr on mobile phone shield
Mobile phone shielding products and even cutting burr holes cut with folded burr: punch and blade gap caused by excessive burr or punch to one side, while causing no burr. Burr side shield is the last step to do some even cut with a folded structure, punch production after a period of time to wear, easy to produce burr. In the last step because no material or punch press pull the material, resulting in the side of the cut side of the cut less, less side will stick out caused by bad size in the last step. Sometimes because the guide pin pull material was knocked off, will cause the bending cut size is not stable.


3. The bending angle of outer and inner buckle: die mold pressure not crushed; waste products; bending punch and insert big gap; bending insert bead wear or collapse will cause angle. In the buckle, mould pressing die too; bending insert ribbing is too high; punch and insert the gap is too small will cause the angle within the buckle.


4. Side scratch: bending punch or bending insert wear; bending punch and insert the gap is too small; the bending punch and insert card with less waste; gas will cause scratches.


5. Bending height not generally: step is not set to send or send a lot less punch inserts; displacement; bending clearance while tight side loose lead pull material. Sometimes the same bending edge of a low head, because the product swing or punch inserts in the wrong place.


6. Product deformation, arch, screw with stamping, mold printing: product deformation, distortion of material not too flat; pressing force is not enough to feed off the template deformation; deformation; leveling screws or height not adjusted to adjust the flatness of the screw deformation. Arch, die without pressure in place, resulting in waste products. The mold pressure arch on the insert molding die too; high or low over the die surface will leave mold printing crushed in the product.


7. Feet: feet deformation, tensile deformation, avoid enough; leveling screws encounter bending edge; stripping stripping broken spring not lead to deformation. Feet breaking, mould pressing too dead plus feet high pressure reinforcement can be broken off; the bending punch inserts the card between the waste lead to severe friction breaking.


8. Flatness issue:  Material twist; Bending height out specific; Material instability deformed as unbalance stress ( Ribbing height & width disunion on bending inserts); Die plate deformed,can not hold material.


9. Mobile phone shield cover small convex hull no, small, big: hull needle short die wear; not crushed; mold pressure waste products will lead to no small convex bending inserts; avoid obstacle position is not enough, the mold will have small convex hull flattened. The convex hull of needle play high; work as part of the large diameter leads to the convex hull is too large or even rupture.


10. Too loose or too tight mobile phone shield cover assembly.
The frame size dimension of lower lid cap go walking assembly on the loose, if the cover a shelf assembly will buckle loose; the convex hull gap in the case of a reasonable diameter height also affects the tightness of the assembly.