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Introduction of USB Connector Terminals for Automobile

USB connector is becoming a standard protocol. There is no doubt that this development has benefited from the connector terminals widely used in many electronic products. In vehicle configuring this kind of universal bus equipment is very convenient and wise choice. The market has been able to provide a large number of related transmission parts especially in connection technology, such as the connector terminals. And it is very convenient and fast of these parts to use.


At the same time, electronic products, such as notebook computer, iPods, mobile phone, MP3 player and memory stick etc.,use in the vehicle More and more extensively. Therefore, the reliability of data transmission between the connector terminal of electronic products with the existing vehicle equipment must be ensured. In addition, the data transmission system is not only the assembly in the upscale and luxury type of vehicle, but also will gradually develop to the standard configuration of the vehicle, which has become the mainstream trend.


Based on Many years of production experience in the production of connector terminal, Heju stamping think that these products should meet the boundary conditions in many other using vehicles, including the very harsh environmental requirements. Related parts must be normal operating in the specified temperature range under the condition of vibration, humidity, air pollution and mechanical stress. These requirements will ensure long service life of the vehicle connector terminals. The insert number of USB is also a very important index of the connector terminals.


Besides, it is more important to choose the terminal connection system.The terminal connection system must be able to guarantee the well-connection of the inner end at the service life of the vehicle. There may be problems include low contact resistance and impedance, and the homogeneity of the socket area of the socket and terminals contacts.