Micro Deep Drawing Stamping-Deep Drawn VCM Shield Case


Definition of VCM:

The full name is Voice Coil Montor, it is a kind of motor in electronics. The principle is similar to that of a speaker, so it is called a voice coil motor. It has the characteristics of high frequency response and high precision. 

Structure of VCM:

It can be divided into several major parts as follows:

  1. Shield Case: Its function is to protect and prevent the leakage of the magnetic field;
  2. F.Spacer: front spacer(used for insulation);
  3. F.Spring: front reed, used for bearing carrier and balancing moment;
  4. Magnet: generate a permanent magnetic field;
  5. Coil: generate driving force after power up;
  6. Carrier:  used to carry the lens;
  7. B.Spacer: back spacer, used for insulation;
  8. B.Spring: back spring, used to carry the carrier and balance the moment;
  9. Base: the base, used to fix the parts;

Our Micro Deep Drawing Stamping Capacity

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