EMI/RFI Shielding Case-Micro Deep Draw Stamping Manufacturing

Everyone knows that the function of the shielding cover is to shield electromagnetic interference (EMI). There are two purposes for the EMI shieldings. 

One is to prevent external noise interference. It is generally used on wireless communication boards, especially mobile phone signals. 

The other is to avoid the electromagnetic interference generated by itself affecting other electronic equipment (EMC) or causing human burden.


Fixed EMI Shielding 

The fixed EMI shielding is directly attached to the PCB by SMT, it is recommended to choose nickel-nickel copper Cu-7521 (R-1/2HorR-OH) as the material. As nickel-nickel copper is better in soldering, heat dissipation, and steam. Except that, The shielding cover can be made of 0.1 or 0.15mm thick material. It is better to choose 0.15mm.

Detachable EMI Shielding 

Detachable EMI shielding refer to combine the structure with the LCM or directly buckle the shielding frame with the protrusion on the shielding cover. Generally, it uses materials with a thickness of 0.20mm as much as possible while use materials with a thickness of 0.15mm as less as possible. Tensile shielding brackets must be made of 0.2mm thick material.

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