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December 22, 2016

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High Speed Precision Stamping Technology Development Direction in the Future

According to the Confederation of China Metalforming Industry, China stamping industry enterprises with more than 50 people is up to more than 3.5 production enterprises. And there are about 3000000 employees, production of 50 million tons of stamping parts. Total sales reach to RMB 800 billion. the consumption of 3mm steel sheet (strip) is about 75000000 tons materials. The procurement stamping die costs 45 billion yuan. The purchase of new stamping the equipment costs more than 20 billion yuan.


Stamping production relates to all aspects of the industry. It can be described as a large number of wide, different shapes and processes. The main direction of future development is, continuous improvement of Covering parts, truck longeron and complex stamping technology, aluminum magnesium alloy stamping technology, deep drawing hydraulic forming technology, complex hollow internal high pressure forming technology, high strength steel hot forming, fine blanking and precision high speed stamping technology, servo stamping technology and so on.


High speed precision stamping technology is a modern advanced manufacturing technology. As the high-tech integration, it integrates the technology of high speed press, high speed stamping technology, high-quality materials and technology, intelligent control technology and green manufacturing. On high speed precision punching, there are these characteristics with high production efficiency, high product quality and consistency, saving energy and manpower, reducing costs and safety production.


China precision stamping develop with high speed. one of the main bottleneck is the mold. The production of large, ultra high speed, high precision mould, and the production of ultra-thin, super and micro components are development in the future. At present, China needs to solve the key design technology of mold design, grasp the connotation and the Manufacturing basic theory and manufacturing core, establish and improve complete high quality mold base parts and accessories. Building domestic precision high-speed stamping equipment and auxiliary feeding system is the current important work. The development of electronic and information industry, brought unprecedented hope for precision high-speed stamping.


The future development of stamping industry must conform to the design, production and consumption concept which is mild, environmental and saving energy and material. Stamping production must focus on precise, efficient, intelligent. Stamping enterprises must be concentrated on the specialization, scale, globalization.