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Introduction of Metal Spring Clip

Metal spring clip is usually made of stainless steel or manganese with heat treatment, which is an important part of electronic switch. The spring clip play an important role of a high quality switch between the operator and the products. At the same time, the performance of stable resilience and long life , will provide good touch feedback to the operator.



Generally copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, manganese and other materials are chose to manufacture metal spring clip, heat resistance, quenching, corrosion resistance, fatigue strength and the elastic limit and other factors should be taken into account.



Metal spring clip is mainly used to control the mechanical movement, storage and output energy, absorption of vibration and impact energy, as well as is ergometric components .



Metal spring clip have been widely applied in nearly every aspect, especially in mechanical and electrical industry, mainly in electronics, appliances, advertising, IT, communication, automobile, construction, furniture, bags, craft gifts, sports equipment, clothing, outdoor, etc.