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Manufacturing Requirements for Spring Clip

1.The radius of the bending process. Spring clip needs to bend for shape. If the radius of bending part is relatively small, the parts will produce a lot of stress. So for the sake of avoiding high stress, the bending radius should be as five times thickness as the material.

2. Stress concentration at the gaps or holes. There will be ladder section and hole on a spring clip. The stress concentration will be formed at the place of shape rapid changed. The smaller the hole diameter is, the wider the plate is, and the greater the stress concentration factor is.

3. The tolerance of shape and dimension. Spring clip is made by precision stamping processing, the suitable stamping processing shape and size should be noticed, and what’s more, deformation size tolerance is also important when the spring clip is shaped by the bending process and heat treatment. The heat treatment deformation size tolerance should be standardized by 36~52 HRC.