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How To Control The Quality Of Medical Terminal Stamping Die

Heju precision focused on OEM electronic metal stamping service for 30 years. We have systematic and perfect quality management system on precision medical metal stamping die. It ensure precision mold processing quality through 4 quality control aspects from IQC, IPQC, FQC and OQC.

We pay much attention on processing and inspection process of each medical terminal stamping project. Every small problem is likely to affect the quality of the mold from signing of orders to the delivery of precision molds customer. It is essential for an independent engineering quality control system to ensure the quality of the customer’s products.

1.Blank preparation;

2.Rough machining-wire cutting;

3.Semi finishing and heat treatment (quenching and tempering);

4.Precision grinding;

5, EDM;

6, Fitter dressing.

Good choice of grinding wheel, mold grinding feed, workpiece clamping on precision stamping mold abrasive machining can effective control of occurrence of grinding deformation, grinding cracks and micro crack. It is vital for cutting machine adjustment, manufacturing process design, EDM process selection on EDM control.

Precision mold after processing and forming need surface treatment. General polishing, grinding, grinding can ensure the smooth surface of precision molds.The last step is mold assembly. In accordance with structure and technical requirement of precision mold assembly drawing, It can be make under the guidance of the correct order. A set of high quality medical terminals and precision molds will be produced.

Heju stamping has a large experienced technical team, consisted of 8 precision mold designers working for more than 15 years and more than 50 mold manufacturing and maintenance master. Design team can manufacturing industry first-class high-speed stamping mold. We can develop 20 sets stamping mold monthly.It will take 14 days to complete medical terminal precision die.

Here comes processing stage after finishing medical terminal stamping die design. Whole process contains following operation: