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Matters Need Attention Of The In-die Riveting

A. From system point of view, as the aspects of stamping, die manufacturing, the structure and produce design project of in-die riveting should attach great importance to the role of practical experience and a practical solution to establish feasible die design.

B. In-die riveting structure is complex, difficult to design, and cost highly, design cycle is long. So the design should adhere to the scientific, rigorous, pragmatic, careful analysis and detailed planning, making reasonable design, and meeting the requirement. The requirements of product parts processing and die manufacturing conditions should be fully understood.

C. In -die riveting die design and manufacturing is technology-intensive. With the development of stamping parts market competition, the product manufacturing cycle is shortened, and the requirement of die design and manufacturing cycle are more and more urgent, therefore, die design and manufacture of the intersection of parallel has become inevitable.

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