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The Advantages Of Precision Stamping Machine

The high-efficiency and energy-saving of the precision punching machine will consume energy when the punching machine is activated.

1. Traditional precision punching machine

When the work is standing by, the motor will be still rotating unceasingly to keep pressing energy.

2. Precision press machine

Energy don’t need to be stored in advance, when the work is standing by, servo motor does not need to always provide punch rotational energy, and only required to start the stamping if energy is needed.

Precision punching machine is diversiform, and can be used for deep drawing, stretch processing, press forging composite processing, forming, cutting, and mould heating.

Precision punch relies on servo control motor speed control system, simulation curve, which can realize one machine for variety of utility.

1. The additional value: multi-use stamping machine makes work process recombination, applying in diversification production.

2. Complex design: the punch pin movement is free, and it is suitable for various processes.

3. Productive: Speed is adjustable, curve is diversification