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May 12, 2017

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Medical Terminals on Surgical Robot Plug Introduction

At the end of last month, the meeting of the Shenzhen ROBO medical terminal Robot Research Institute showed that China’s single hole medical terminal surgical robot is the development direction of the next generation of robots. Compared with the porous medical terminals surgical robot, single hole will have the advantages of low surgical space requirements, less trauma, faster recovery after surgery. Besides, operation of single hole medical terminals surgical robot is less supplies, lower cost and more conducive to the market.


However, for medical surgical robot, the terminals requires higher uplift resistance, more strict control of current and electrical breakdown. There are several following medical terminal tests in Heju’s precision high-end medical terminals design and product.


1. Two requirements of medical terminal for shell protection:

(1)  Protection grade of solid foreign body.

(2) Damage level test of water, oil and other liquids on the medical terminals.


2. One of the keys to medical terminals is insulation. It is necessary to assess specific electrical clearance and creepage distance from raw material selection to the actual working voltage, environmental pollution etc. It can ensure excessive voltage insulation and longer life. It can also ensure that the safety of the staff and actual using customer on work.


3. According to the tracking leakage requirements of national standard, medical terminal under the action of electric field and electrolyte will cross point access. It will make the medical terminal shell insulation performance decline and affect product safety. Such as the same insulation voltage, the creepage distance of the product will be reduced when CTI (leakage trace index) is too high.


4. The thermoplastic material deformation of medical terminal at work is required.
Rising temperature and high temperature caused by contacting resistance will make the medical terminal deformation, more soft and short-circuited. It may even cause serious accidents. So material selection of medical terminals’ closure components will become very important.


5. The last one is anti shock requirements for medical terminal. In terms of structure, components on the actual using can not take points. It means that medical terminal connected with inside can not touch.That is because the medical terminal in the production process requirements reliability of screw torque. It can prevent the accessible medical terminal screw of unexpected wire loosening and short-circuiting. Such as grounding requirements: I security products resistance should be less than 0.5Ω.