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The Difference between Progressive Die and Compound Die

Progressive die, which is composed of multiple work station, associates to complete different processing in sequence for each station, and finishes stamping process in one stroke. Material is pushed with a constant pitch by the punch feeder, and the die can complete multiple stamping processes including punching, blanking, bending, trimming, drawing and so on.

1. Progressive die is a kind of multitasking sequence die, which has multiple process such as cutting, bending forming and stretch, Progressive die has the very high productivity;
2. Safety for operation;
3. Automation;
4. High speed stamping manufacture;
5. Save facilities such as punch press, factory area, transportation and warehouse;
6. Super precision metal part is not adapted for progressive die.


Compound die is a mold structure of finishing blanking, punching, and other process of a kind of die structure in one stroke.
Excellent concentricity, straightness, flatness, and high precision dimension
1. High productivity.
2. No limitation by external dimension.
3. The scarp can be reproduction.