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Precision Progressive Die Design

Precision progressive die design means the man who work on mold digital design in enterprise, including cavity die and cold stamping die, it can take full advantage of digital design tools, improve progressive die design quality and reduce the design cycle. Progressive die designer are proficient at CNC programming, progressive die 3D design, products R&D 3D design etc.


1. Make feasible analysis before progressive die design.  Take computer case as an example, firstly using design software to make assembly analysis for each components drawing. On one hand, to ensure all components drawings are correctly before progressive die design. On the other hand, can make sense of the significance of each components in whole PC case, to ensure which one is the critical dimensions.


2. Analyze progressive die structure after products feasible analysis, then will make lay out design for products to decide each steps operation, and using design software to stretch out products, usually the stretch sequence is from last steps to the first steps.


3. Material prepare before progressive die design. According products stretch view to prepare material, and confirm the mold plate design on drawing, including each fix plate, stripper plate, punch and die plate, inserts etc. Note: Directly indicate the material prepare on stretch view is very useful for progressive die design. Directly drawing mold plate size in assembly view, when finished material prepare, will also save work in mold components. Because after that, there only need to add pilot, pin, guide pillar and thread holes when drawing each components.


4. Whole progressive die design drawing. Copy out from material prepare drawing, then figure each mold components, such as add thread holes, pillar holes, pilot holes etc. And must not forget to indicate which holes need to do wire cutting, threading, and the forming clearance between punch and die plate. Now we finished 80% work of progressive die design.


5. After finished whole progressive die design, we are unable to release the drawing before proofing. We should assembly all mold components, make different drawing layer for each mold plate, and doing mold assembly analysis on same basis, such as pillar hole. Then plug each steps stretch out view into mold assembly drawing, to ensure each mold plate hole position are accordant, and check whether clearance at bending position is correct between punch plate and die plate.


Through the above work, a progressive die design for products is officially finished.