March 30, 2019

Progressive Die Design

There are many products on the market stamped by progressive die, from the tiny electronic, electrical products to medium and large parts in car and aircraft. And the shapes of the stamping products are variety. All kinds of die processing engineering are differences..The progressive die design general can be divided into five major projects:

  • Understand drawings, analysis and begin preliminary planning.
  • Consider guide positioning.
  • Consider the punch, module design.
  • Consider the material arrangement.
  • Consider factors of various kinds of processing.

The principle of progressive die design

1. To meet the demand of mass production

Continuous punching die production speed is higher than any other processing type. The daily output is up to 30000 ~ 150000 pieces..

2. Engineering arrangement is more easily

The die can disassemble single part and appropriate respectively arrange in different workstation, which can avoid the die structure damage and increase life time.

3. Cost saving

Continuous punching die machining can save material, reduce operating management, reduce man handling and the occupied area.

4. To ease the process hardening of the drawing materials

Stretch rate can be increased with progressive die working that eases the process hardening and avoid the intermediate annealing processing.

5. Safe operation

Continuous stamping is automatic punching process. Don’t need manual operation in the progressive die. When the feeder has fault or other unexpected events happens, punch device can stop the action immediately to avoid the damage of punch.