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What is Progressive Die Stamping?

Progressive stamping is a precision metal process used to make parts for various fields, such as automotive, medical, electronics, and appliances. Progressive stamping consists of several individual work stations, each of which performs one or more different operations on the part such as blanking, forming, drawing, piercing, tapping, staking, etc. The product is carried from station to station by the stock strip and is cut out of the strip in the final operation and can all be performed in a single tool and highly efficient.




The guild bushing plays an important role in progressive die stamping – they fix the strip into an appropriate position and maintain control over it. In addition, they are essential for precise sheet positioning during tool closing and drawing operations in transfer dies. Other factors to be considered are timing and interaction of carriers, pads, and upper and lower tools. The benefits of progressive die stamping are increased productivity and significant cost reduction for high-volume production.

Progressive die stamping adopts automatic detection and safety operation, which let our hands not need to enter the danger zone. Continuous punching part can decline the defectives and accident when the machine is processing.