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Reasons for Metal Stamping Dies Jump Crumbs

Metal stamping die jump crumbs means phenomenon that sheet should in the edge jump to die surface after finish blanking shear in high-speed production die.As one of the usual metal stamping bad phenomenon, The cause of jump crumbs phenomenon produce is various,some cause by bad die design, some cause by bad material, some cause by stamping operater. We’ll analyse specific reasons for metal die jump crumbs in the following.

The first reason is punch or other part of metal stamping die abnormal scratches or injured cause tiny scrap,it mainly cause by punch without homologous structure when it need to excessive role for material.

The second reason is blade clearance of metal stamping die too large and blade clearance design unreasonable (Reasonable clearance occupy 4~6 percent of material thickness). In the occasion of metal stamping die normal functioning, because back and forth friction frequency in sheet and blade, blade internal wear and cause large clearance of the blade.

The third reason is raw material have done surface treatment before stamping and unstructured fusion phenomenon exists in the surface treatment layer and the material will cause separation and fall of material edge.

Also have a reason is punch of metal stamping die have magnetic, generate suction for sheets cause jump crumbs.