April 9, 2024

The Function and Explanation of Scores on EV Battery Safety Vents

What is New Energy Vehicles Battery Safety Vents?

New energy vehicles battery safety vents are an important safety protection device. They are usually installed in battery modules to prevent battery explosions or fires. Typically, safety vents feature a unique design that expands their surface area. This serves to efficiently disperse gas and heat and prevent excessive battery heat caused by overcharging or over-discharging. Ultimately, this design helps to ensure the safety and stability of the entire battery system.

ev-battery -top-plate-module

About Scores on EV Battery Safety Vents

The score on the EV battery safety vent is an indentation, which is usually made by the stamping process during the manufacturing process. Its function is to help relieve the battery when abnormal conditions occur (such as overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, etc.) Internal pressure and release gas to prevent battery explosion or fire.

The size of the remaining thickness of the score will directly affect the pressure that the safety vent can withstand when an abnormal situation occurs. Precise calculations and experiments generally verify the production process of safety vents and the depth, shape, and position of the scores are strictly designed. When making ev battery safety vents, the first thing to do is to select suitable materials. It needs to have high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, and other properties. Secondly, people need to control the depth and width of the score accurately. So as to ensure that it can be triggered quickly in an emergency. The last thing is to optimize The structure and installation position of the EV battery ventings ensure that it can effectively play a protective role.

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In the event of an anomaly within the battery, it is crucial for the lithium battery safety ventings to promptly release internal gas. Thus lowering the internal pressure and preventing an explosion. If the safety vent lacks any marks or if they are not clearly visible, it may fail to burst in a timely manner during an abnormality, consequently elevating the probability of a battery explosion.

Importance of Scores on EV Battery Ventings

The score of the EV battery safety vent is one of its key designs. And its depth is directly related to the safety of the battery in an emergency. When making safety vents, it is usually require precise control of the depth and shape of the scores. However, for automobile companies, many aspects from composite factors will affect battery safety requirements.

When selecting an anti-rupture disk solution, it’s important to take into account various factors such as battery performance, usage environment, safety standards, regulations, and technical capabilities of car manufacturers. As a result, each manufacturer has unique prismatic battery specifications and explosion-proof requirements. These values will vary based on battery type and design requirements, resulting in different types of battery safety ventings. As technology continues to advance and safety awareness improves, battery safety will become an increasingly significant focus for the automobile manufacturing industry. Therefore, it’s crucial to make a rational judgment based on the specific circumstances to ensure the battery system’s safety and reliability when choosing an appropriate anti-rupture disk solution.

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