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High Precision Metal Stamping Technology

High precision stamping technology involves mechanical, electronic, materials, optics, computer, precision detection, information network management technology and other fields, It is multi-disciplinary system engineering. It is mainly used for higher precision stamping parts production.

Characteristics and application fields of high speed precision stamping technology

High precision stamping technology synthesized high speed precision press technology, high precision progressive stamping die technology, high-quality materials production technology, intelligent control technology and green high-tech integration. It has high production efficiency, high quality, high consistency and energy saving, save manpower, reduce the cost and ensure the production safety and other features.
Stamping automation can greatly improve labor productivity and working conditions, reduce costs, and effectively ensure the stamping production of personal safety.It can fundamentally change the face of stamping production.So it is widely used in electronics, communications, automotive, machinery, military industry, light industry, electrical appliances, instrumentation, medical equipment, automation equipment, and household appliances and other manufacturing field. Application in rail transportation, aerospace ,new energy products manufacturing field is more and more widely.

The types and characteristics of high precision stamping technology

According to industry, application and process characteristics,High precision stamping parts can be divided into electronic parts, IC integrated circuit lead frame, motor core, electric iron, heat exchanger, automobile parts, household appliances and other types of parts. Electronic parts mainly include connecting devices, connectors, brushes, electrical terminals, resilient parts, etc.
IC integrated circuit lead frame mainly consists of discrete device lead frame discrete devices integrated circuit lead frame.The motor core consists of single-phase series motor core, core domestic single phase motor, shaded pole motor core, permanent magnet DC motor core, industrial motor core, plastic stator core and so on. The electrical core mainly includes E type transformer core, EI transformer core, I-shaped transformer core, and other transformer iron chips. The fin of heat exchanger mainly contains industrial heat exchanger fin, domestic heat exchanger fin, automobile heat exchanger fin and so on. Automobile parts mainly contains automobile structural parts and automobile function parts. Household appliance parts mainly contains large electrical components, such as color electron gun parts, small household appliances parts, all kinds of structures and functions, etc. Other types of parts mainly contain instrumentation parts, IT parts, acoustics and camera parts, modern office parts, hardware and so on
High precision stamping technology has many characteristic of varieties, material diversity, sheet material, automatic batch production greatly, high precision, complex shape, high technological content and value-added features.