April 24, 2024

A Brief Discussion on Connectors, Plug&Socket Connector Contacts, and Terminals

We often need clarification on connectors, plug&socket connector contacts, and terminals. Here we will briefly talk about some relevant knowledge of the three in order to have a clearer understanding of the connections and differences between the three.

The Concepts of Connectors, Plug&Socket Connector Contacts, and Terminals


Connectors are also called plugs and sockets connectors contacts. They generally refer to electrical connectors, which are devices that connect two active devices. They can transmit current or signals (electrical signals or optical signals). Their function is to be connected within a circuit. It builds a bridge of communication between blocked areas or blocked circuits, thereby allowing current to flow and allowing the circuit to achieve its intended function.

Plugs and Sockets Connector Contacts

A plug and socket contact is an electrical connector contact. It is a positioning joint that connects electronic circuits. It is composed of two parts: a plug-in and a socket. They can be separated under normal conditions, so the plug and socket contacts can also be called connector contacts.



Wiring Terminals are an accessory product used to realize electrical connections. They facilitate the connection of wires. They are pieces of metal sealed in insulating plastic. There are holes at both ends for wires. Electrical wire terminals can be divided into Plug-in wire terminals, European-style wire terminals, etc.

The Relationship Between Connectors, Plug&Socket Connectors, and Terminals

Connectors and plug and socket connectors are significant categories that fall under a general term. The primary distinction between the two is that connectors are used to connect wires to wires, while plug&socket connectors are used to connect wires, boards, and boxes. However, in everyday life, we often use these terms interchangeably. Wire terminals are a specific type of product that falls under this category.

It is widely believed that connectors and plug&socket connectors are electronic components that can be rapidly connected by plugging or twisting the female connector without necessitating the use of tools. Conversely, terminal pins require tools such as screwdrivers. Cold press pliers are a type of tool that can be used to connect two connection points of electronic products. These are typically utilized for power input and output.

The Application of Connectors, Plug&Socket Connector Contacts, and Terminalssocket-crimp-contact

Connectors are mainly used to connect circuits. They are the core basic components necessary for electrical connections in circuit systems. The main application areas of connectors are smart homes, automobiles, communications, computers, and the peripherals industry. With the development of application scope, connectors will become increasingly widespread and are basically used in various industries. There will also be a lot of room for development in the future.

The most widely used terminals at present are PCB board terminals. In addition, there are metal stamping terminals, spring contacts, etc. There are many categories of connectors, including circular connectors, rectangular connectors, and ladder-shaped connectors. Terminal strips generally belong to rectangular connectors. The application range of terminal strips is relatively single. They are generally used in the electronic and electrical fields for internal and external connections of PCB circuit boards, printed boards, and power distribution cabinets.

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