May 7, 2024

Cost Ratio of Low-voltage Wiring Harnesses in Vehicle-Automotive Electrical Wire Terminals Manufacturer

Depending on the grade of new energy passenger cars, the value of a low-voltage wiring harness ranges from 2K to 5K yuan, especially for luxury cars. They play a role in the vehicle similar to the human nervous system, transmitting power and information to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle. With the rise and popularity of new energy vehicles, the importance of wiring harnesses has become increasingly prominent. The following will conduct a detailed analysis of the cost proportion of low-voltage wiring harnesses for new energy vehicles.

The wire harness industry is labor-intensive, with 70% manual production.

The production process of wire harnesses consists of several stages, including wire opening, crimping, pre-assembly, final assembly, and testing. While wire opening and crimping have a relatively high level of automation, assembly, and testing, they require significant manual effort due to the intricate positioning of components. In fact, around 70% of wire harness production relies on manual labor, which is a significant contributor to overall costs in labor-intensive industries.

Value Proportion of Wiring Harness Components

Low-voltage wiring harness components include a wide range of components, including cables, connectors, terminals, and more.

The wiring harness is almost hidden inside the car body and cannot be directly observed, but it is indeed spread in every corner of the car body and is one of the most expensive parts of the car. There are many miscellaneous parts, with cables, connectors, terminals, and plastic parts accounting for the largest share of value, and due to the nature of the parts themselves, the price of wire harnesses is more sensitive to the prices of raw materials such as copper and aluminum.

Status of Automotive Wiring Harness Markets

As car technology advances, the number of electrical components and wires utilized also increases. This results in a significant rise in circuit numbers and power consumption, leading to thicker and heavier wiring harnesses. To make the most of the limited space in a vehicle and enable new energy wire harnesses to perform optimally, car manufacturers face the challenge of effectively and strategically arranging a vast number of wires. It is a crucial issue that requires careful consideration and resolution.

Wiring harness suppliers are often tied to OEMs in the early stages of model development. As far as electrical wire terminals are concerned, suppliers are required to have the ability to respond quickly and make engineering changes throughout the entire development and even mass production process. However, with the rapid rise of the new energy vehicle market, some companies in the current low-voltage wire harness terminal market are no longer able to meet market demand due to their technical level and delivery capabilities. Because automobile wiring harness terminals are no longer simply connecting devices, but higher-level components that integrate devices and control systems.

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